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Confidence Head Music Credits:



Home & Family (TV Series) (composer: theme music) (2018)

Holliday Open X 3 (TV Promo) (composer: music) (2018)

Adoption Ever After Open (TV Promo) (composer: music) (2019)

Generic Movie Open(TV Promo) (composer: music) (2018)


Big Red Camaro:

Pikes Peak Challenge (Documentary Series) (composer: music & sound design) (2018)

VR Experience (On line) (composer: music) (2017)


Willett Bourbon “Land” (commercial) (composer: music) (2018)

Willett Bourbon “Ingredients” (commercial) (composer: music)(2018)

Willett Bourbon “People” (commercial) (composer: music) (2018)


The Harbert Story (Documentary) (composer: music) (2017-2018)

The Harbert Story(Trailer) (composer: music)(2017)


Society of International Business Fellows (Webinar Video) (composer: music) (2018)


Delusion (Independent Short Film) (composer: Theme Track “Just you wait and see”) (2018)


Eddies (TV Pilot) (composer: music/theme music) (mixing & sound design) (2018)

Brew Hopper(Trailer) (composer: music)(2018)

Wonderwell VR Experience (On line) (composer: music) (2017)

JJ Gbehi Leadership Award (Presentation)(composer: music) (2017)

SkullCoast Rum (TV commercial) (composer: music) (2015)

The Getty “Mosaikin” (Documentary Short) (composer: music) (2015)

Savior Self (Trailer) (composer: music) (2015)

Snuggs (Independent Short Film) (composer: music) (2014)

A.C.L.U. (TV commercial) (composer: music) (2015)

Blue Spark Studios "The 40's Guys (Web Series) (composer: music) (mixing & sound design) (2014)

The Getty "Pacific Standard Time"(Documentary Short) (composer: music) (2012)

The Getty "Conserving Modern Architecture" (Documentary Short) (composer: music) (2012)

YMCA “Ellison Tribute” (Documentary Short) (composer: music) (2012)

Sony Conservation International (3D Documentary Short) (composer: music) (2012)

TBS/TNT “Brand on Set” x 10 (TV Promo) (composer: music) (2012)

TBS/TNT “Life is Funny” x 8 (TV Promo) (composer: music) (2011)

Trinigy (Trailer) (composer: music) (2011)

YMCA “Youth in Government” (Documentary Short) (composer: music) (2011)

Department of Boating & Waterways "Heroes" (commercial) (composer: music) (2011)

TBS/TNT “Perception” x 2 (TV Promo) (composer: music) (2011)

The 404 (6 Episodes) (TV Series) (composer: music) (2011)

TBS/TNT “SAG Awards” x 2 (TV Promo) (composer: music) (2010) (TV commercial) (composer: music) (2010)

Trion (Animation Logo) (composer: music) (2010)

DELL (TV commercial) (composer: music) (2010)

Clorox Freshstep “Boxes” (TV commercial) (composer: music) (2010)

Clorox Freshstep “Smart” (TV commercial) (composer: music) (2010)

Chef Boyardee “Customs” (TV commercial) (composer: music) (2009)

Chef Boyardee “Sea Horse” (TV commercial) (composer: music) (2009)

Chef Boyardee “Steam Bath” (TV commercial) (composer: music) (2009)

Clorox “Cleaning Machine”(TV commercial) (composer: music) (2009)

Jenny Craig “Health Campaign” (TV commercial) (composer: music) (2008)

Saint Francis Hospital (Documentary Short) (composer: music) (2008)

MTV “F’n Videos” (TV Promo) (composer: music) (2008)

MTV “TRL”(TV Promo) (composer: music) (2008)

Get Smart “Elite Force” (Trailer) (composer: music) (2007)

Chevy Malibu “Super Accord” (TV commercial) (composer: music) (2007)

Chevy Malibu “Camry Beware” (TV commercial) (composer: music) (2007)

Chevy Malibu “Next Big Thing” (TV commercial) (composer: music) (2007)

Chevy Malibu “Renaissance” (TV commercial) (composer: music) (2007)

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